Supercharge Notion with your creativity

Build unique charts, flows, lists and more

to spice up your workspace in seconds.

Illustration of CustomBlocks with charts, flow-diagrams, lists and more

Infinite Creativity at your Fingertips

Forge databases and pages into custom dashboards and unique solutions.

Example for Notion table
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Example for Notion database summaries

Database Summaries

Build customized summaries for superchared dashboards. Create buttons or links to any other websites or to Notion pages.

Your custom blocks are syced, so the summaries will update without refreshing.

Example for Notion charts with CustomBlocks

Charts and Graphs

Finally you can visualize your Notion database as simple charts within Notion. The perfect overview for financials, habits and everything else.

Charts will be updated in realtime, as you modify the database.

Example for overviews and lists with CustomBlocks based on Notion

Overviews and Lists

CustomBlocks allows you to visualize your databases in new and efficient ways. Links to your Notion pages can be included so you can work continuously in Notion.

You can even connect multiple databases and pages for multifarious magic.

Example for text generation with CustomBlocks based on Notion

Text Generation

It only takes seconds to compose texts with placeholders. These can then be filled with your database properties.

Redundant mails or documents can now be written in a few moments.

Now create your own CustomBlocks for Notion

It's Your Turn!

Text representation for own CustomBlocks for Notion
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Blocks are synced

If Notion is updated all changes will be reflected directly in your blocks.


Multiple Connections

You can connect multiple databases and pages for a unique combination of data.

Effortless Embeddable

CustomBlocks is designed to embed your blocks in Notion and update them in realtime.

Charts and Graphs

Build realtime charts based on your databases. Barchart, Linechart, Piechart and more .


Styling with Tailwindcss

All styling can be done with Tailwindcss and will be updated in realtime by the JIT-Compiler.

Simple Filtering

Databases and pages can be filtered to show only datasets that match the filter.

Template Engine

Building with a simple template engine allows you to easily include datasets from Notion.

Block Helper

With no-code block helpers, you can create prepared blocks with your data in seconds.


Mobile friendly

You can create use and see embedded blocks on your mobile devices.

Complex Filters

Use multiple filters/sorts to query your database entries.


No-Code Styling

Apply styling with a simple adjustable interface.


No-Code Block Builder

View and build blocks without any code (Goal for Version 2.0).

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